Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Food System Studies (SAAFSS)

Who we are?

Established in 2014 in Cairo, SAAFSS stands as an authoritative voice for agricultural innovation in the MENA region. As a thinktank, we're small but mighty, leveraging extensive expertise and a vast network to pioneer research and cultivate sustainable and equitable food systems

Our Mission

SAAFSS will be a leading thinktank in the MENA region in building a vibrant agricultural economy and food system by conducting innovative, transdisciplinary, collaborative research that facilitates and develops sustainable agriculture and just food systems.

We are a small team with particular expertise and a big network. This allows us to bring together the right people, skills and connections in a timely way to achieve the goals of our research undertakings. We take pride in the research we do, and we operate to the highest standards of research ethics, professionalism and integrity. This knowledge is disseminated in a variety of research, training and public service efforts.