Advancing sustainable agriculture

Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Food System Studies

Who we are?

Founded in Cairo (Egypt) in 2014 by EUMENA Consulting, the Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Food System Studies (SAAFS) is an independent nonprofit thinktank that conducts research to develop real-world solutions for a more sustainable agriculture and just food system. FAS operates globally but our competitive advantage lies in our experience within the MENA region.

What we do?

we design surveys and employ trained personnel, automated systems, or survey tools, to gather information about various topics related to MENA’s food and agriculture. This can involve in-person interviews, online surveys, telephone calls, or sensor-based data collection.

Data Collection

We provides data analyses services using advanced statistical approaches and econometric models both on the macro and micro levels. Our strength is in advising on issues where economics, development and public policy overlap.

Data Analysis

We design and implement training programs for farmers, agricultural professionals, and government officials to enhance their knowledge and skills in agriculture and food systems.

Capacity Building and Training

we evaluate the environmental impact of agricultural and food production and recommending strategies for minimizing negative effects.

Environmental Impact Assessment

We facilitate partnerships between local and international organizations, research institutions, and stakeholders to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Partnership Development

We identify and promote the adoption of innovative agricultural technologies and practices, including digital agriculture solutions.

Innovation and Technology Transfer

We assist our partners in securing funding for agricultural and food-related projects through grant and proposal writing services.

Grant and Proposal Writing

We organize workshops and seminars on regular basis on issues related to the NENA’s food and agriculture. We also assist and co-organize with partners, throughout our networks on issues of mutual interest.

Event organization

Research area & projects

SAAFS is structured in three research areas, each including several subprojects (SPs). While research in SAAFS primarily builds on economics and social science methods, each SP also has one or more natural science counterparts to strengthen interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives. Interaction between the different SPs is fostered through method-oriented and topics-oriented working groups.

Nutrition/Health Interactions

Food Systems

Food Systems

Environment Interactions

Food Systems

Society Interactions